Zanjeer 2.0 movie review: Ram Charan Teja is no angry young man!

Zanjeer 2.0 review: Priyanka Chopra and Ram Charan fail to recreate the original Zanjeer

While Priyanka is eye-candy worth looking at in Zanjeer 2.0, Telugu superstar Ram is quite disappointing, while Prakash Raj is the perfect villain

Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, Zanjeer 2.0 starring Priyanka Chopra and Ram Charan is nothing close to the original version which had Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan. The film comes off more as a typical Bollywood masala flick than an action thriller. No, we aren’t saying there is no action. Of course there is, with numerous fights in the film… in fact, so many that after a while we lose track of who is bashing up whom and why, but these brawls fail to create too much of an impression.

Unlike the original film which begins with the murder of Vijay Khanna’s parents, the remake starts with a squalid item number ‘Chahe jitni guzaarish kar le’ and though the director had promised that his item girl would take the industry by storm, this one is definitely thanda. We’ve certainly seen better! Once the song ends, Ram Charan (ACP Vijay Khanna) wakes up to his oft-repeated nightmare, of a hooded man killing his parents. A sweaty Ram vents his frustration on a punching bag – the scene would’ve looked very hot if it wasn’t for Ram himself! Soon after, the fight sequences begin, one following the other in quick succession. Ram single-handedly and very violently fights off a politician and his goons, which results in his being transferred for the umpteenth time. This scene reveals one truth: politics always triumphs over what’s right!

Further into the film, Priyanka Chopra (Mala) makes her entrance with a raunchy number, Pinky. In the film, PeeCee is a NRI who is visiting India to attend a Facebook friend’s wedding (seriously?) and she’s dancing at a wedding! Hmmm… She drinks like a fish and then, as she heads back to her hotel, she needs to make a pit stop at a dingy location. As she does the needful, the NRI witnesses a gory murder and calls the cops, frightened out of her wits – once she reaches her hotel room, she refuses to leave it. Somehow Ram aka Vijay traces her number and asks her to be a witness in the murder trial, which she doesn’t want to at first, but with the ACP’s emotional blackmail and her own conscience niggling at her, PC agrees to identify the culprit.

No, the romance between Piggy Chops and Teja doesn’t begin until Ram shelters Priyanka in his home when she’s almost killed and loses all her belongings. How sweet, no? That’s not all, though. Ram, like any good superhero, is always at the right place at the right time to save the damsel in distress. Meanwhile, there’s a physical fight between Sanjay Dutt (Sher Khan) and Ram. While this scene is on, it is easy to get a little irritated when Ram hits Sanju. I am not an ardent fan of Sanjay Dutt, but he won my heart with his longevity in Hindi cinema. So, out of loyalty towards Bollywood, it’s difficult to watch the hulking Sanjay being bashed up by a far more puny Ram! But a few scenes into the film and the duo shake hands and become besties. Awww!

The villain, played by Prakash Raj (Rudraprakash Teja) is rudra in every possible way. He is cruel, violent, brutal, savage and barbarous. We love this bad man! Mahie Gill (Mona darling) plays his horny mistress. While there’s no chemistry between the two, their cheesy dialogues convey their relationship. Does Mahie make a good seductress? Watch her simultaneous orgasmic breathing and talking, moaning and meowing and decide for yourselves. The character that we totally loved in the film is that of a journalist played by Atul Kulkarni (JD), reportedly based on the murdered crime reporter J Dey. He’s really good!

The cinematography is not bad. In fact, the camera angles are just right, especially while capturing Ram Charan. But despite that he doesn’t have a strong screen presence. Some dialogues by Priyanka and Prakash hit the target. The songs were forced and one or two less would have worked well to help us stay in our seats instead of restively longing for the interval.

Of course, the film has a happy Bollywood ending with the triumph of good over evil. In fact, after watching the last scene, it seems as if the makers are hoping to do a sequel to Zanjeer 2.0 – as if the remake wasn’t enough! Priyanka’s fans can enjoy this one for her presence, but anyone hoping to watch some great action is likely to be disappointed…

Rating: 2 out of 52 Star Rating

Reviewed by Bhagyashr​i Pawar

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • shamshare basha shaik

    movie is to bad too watch

    • Kiran


      • Ganesh

        WHERE THIS ACTION, action should come with emotion.. and hero elevation……

    • Ur raja

      Mr. shaikjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii or shaik raja pehle movie dekho.

    • Vicky

      Do not compare this with Old Zanzeer which had come 30Y before..,Good action by Ram..,He is skilled enough to enter Bollywood..,All the best Ram.., Keep Rocking

    • ricky

      its true….

    • pp

      not so bad. Charan is outstanding. he could not justify Bachan but he did his best

  • Vikram

    I am a Priyanka Chopra Fan… So, I will definitely watch it…..

  • amar

    ram charan rockz in bollywood too.. hatsoff ram superb movie

  • Karan

    Huh..Soo girlish review.

  • kaushal

    not bad actually it is good

  • Basha vali

    Superb movie

  • harsha

    good movie

  • Varun Arora

    I don’t understand why such a biased review for a South Indian Hero. Ram has done an excellent job irrespective of comparisons. He should do more movies in Bollywood.

  • viny

    Tera review koi padhne nahi wala. Field change kar le. Kuch b likh diya.

    • sravanthi princy

      nice movi and i am big fan of ram gud luck

  • Reddy

    I will give 5/5 stars for this movie … dont think about remake just see this movie as a new one u will definatly enjoy the movie thanks to ram Charan…

    • sravanthi

      nice movi and i am big fan of ram gud luck

    • sravanthi


      • sunil

        thank u

    • ricky

      bakwas band karo…

  • Abhi

    If you want to watch Movie ZANJEER then please watch old or buy a DVD of the original. It will be worth your time and money. its not a heart touching movies as compare old Zanjeer & Lakhia is fail to make remake read more

  • gulamyazdani

    sanju baba best actor bahut achcha

  • Vinod


  • sravanthi

    nice movi

  • skanda

    Please dont give such false reviews and mislead people. The movie is awesome. Ram Charan has done great acting. Everyone in the movie has acted well. Adrenaline rush guarateed in the first half. Superb moview everyone must watch.

  • sekhar


  • chaitanya

    Too bad to see this movie his expressions and also his acting also not good….time waste movie

  • Santhosh

    Superb film,he is the real angry young man

  • Vijay Khanna

    Pl don’t be biased in respective to regions, people like you are real shame on name of Indian, warn you to rate the movie not basing on the regions or roots.

  • prince harshu

    Not good…average….

  • Dattatreya

    Very nice film,cherry action is awsm,

  • gvm

    ram cheran looks not bad dont comparision 1and 2

  • zanjeer movie review

    Whenever we see a remake film, we get sticky eyes, critical about the remake and the original movies. In the same lines, when the movie Zanjeer has been announced, many film critics thought the movie shares same fate as other popular remakes of bollywood, Sholay, Don and Agneepath. Then the movie slowly managed to grab the attention with the trailers. Surprisingly, ‘Zanjeer’ got the things right and perfectly right.
    zanjeer movie review

  • suresh

    superb movie zanjeer

  • narendra

    its not as bad as ur review. it may be bad when compared with old one but no one wants an audian i dnt compare it while watching it.and more over many dint see the old .

  • ravi

    I think Ram Charan has done excellent work in this film. congratulations to him for his first movie in hindi which is a big hit. don’t miss it guys really its a very good movie to watch.

    • Varma

      Waste of discussion on this movie fuuuulllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy faltu

  • shiva

    its nice dnt post like this

  • rakesh khanna

    dumb review.The reviewer finds Ram lame and PC rocking.In fact PC character is irritating at scenes

  • sathish

    Movie Super duper hit…….
    ram charan is going become to next bollywood baadsha

  • Ganesh

    I have seen that the artist are done a good job, but failed make good, rubbish better to watch old zanjeer on the same ticket… I pity bollywood to watch this movie…….

  • hasann

    fans say hit but in bollywood its flop
    aryy fans ke hisab se sab pictures hit hee

  • Chand

    Reviewers lyk U are a curse on our Nation’s integrity. He is the perfect choice to portray New age Angry Young Man role among our Bollywood contemporaries. Jst watch his telugu film Magadheera to know his Potential…

  • srinivas

    We don’t know about that old zanjeer.
    But we enjoyed this Ram charan’s zanjeer movie alot..and all the best cherry….



  • Aj

    Well zanjeer is disaster in rest of india.
    Nd thoofan is flop in south india.
    So this proves review given by admin is true

  • Manjunath

    I think this is paid review, they given 2 stars which is toooooooooooo much for this movie. 1/2 star is right

  • jammy singh

    y r u pressuring yr mind………..
    offcourse u dnt hav enough mind fr reviewing……..???????
    nd ya offcourse d movie is nt gud enough bt thats nt ram fault.
    y r u targeting ram.i think u jealous him………
    nd see yr face chimpanzyyyyyyyyyyy………
    ram is gud luking nd he has strong acting skills. nd if u dnt agry then u need an eye check up.
    it is d fault of our brainless director apoorva lakhiya(who made blockbuste movies like mumbai se aaya mera dost,misan istanbul).see his mind leval he palyed satyagrah music while ram fighting owesmly……
    even he couldnt able to expalin ram to his scenes……
    nd yaaaaa u dnt lyk na y ram hit bigy sanjay dutt………?????
    its movie bro… imagination.dnt take it on yr logics…..!!!
    nd if u need some hotness………..
    jaa aur emran hashmi ko god mein baith jaaaaaa…………….!!!!

  • srinivas

    Admin who told u that ram charan is SUPER STAR????………mahesh babu is SUPER STAR………:-P

  • krish

    poor movie, direction fault, background music and songs are worst, new guy charan acting was not good, need to improve. priyanka glamor is ok. overall movie was poor.

  • nandu

    superb movie rams action is super and pc is good