Zanjeer trailer: Ram Charan Teja seems promising as ACP Vijay Khanna

Apoorva Lakhia’s soon to release remake of the 1973 Amitabh Bachchan starrer looks like an out-and-out action entertainer

After several obstacles holding up the ambitious remake of Zanjeer, the makers – Apoorva Lakhia and Reliance Entertainment – proudly present the trailer of the action flick. Introducing Ram Charan Teja as ACP Vijay Khanna, the new Zanjeer sees Sanjay Dutt reprising the role of Sher Khan and Priyanka Chopra as Ram’s love interest. The trailer is quite appealing and has Lakhia’s trademark style; he seems to have done justice to his much-anticipated movie and its characters, the list of actors including Atul Kulkarni, Prakash Raj and Mahie Gill, among others.

While in the original film Amitabh Bachchan played Vijay Khanna, Ram too bursts into Bollywood with the same name and with more gusto and angst to do all he can to protect the law. He is seen bashing up the law-breakers with fabulous style in this short clip. Interestingly, the makers have also attempted to recreate the famous Amitabh-Pran (Ram and Sanjay) fight in the new Zanjeer, after which Sher Khan and Vijay become friends. The re-done Zanjeer sees Ram and ace-baddie Prakash mouth some power-packed one-liners (thank God, no cheesy ones this time….so far!). Wethinks Ram’s debut vehicle has all the ingredients of an masala entertainer laced with action and romance. Now we just can’t wait to see Apoorva Lakhia’s latest, which hits the screens on September 6 this year.