Zayed Khan: Anil Kapoor is a fast runner

The Tezz actor spills the bean about B-town’s original tapori

In a candid interview, Zayed Khan spoke about a chase sequence that featured Anil Kapoor and himself. Watching Zayed run so fast, Anil requested him, “Zayed, can you do me a favour? Can you not run so fast?” Now that was an unusual request for a scene that demanded Zayed to sprint at top speed. A puzzled Zayed turned around and asked, “How am I supposed to show that am running fast if am not?” Well, he surely had a point. But do you know what Kapoor said to this? “It’s all in the expressions!”

Anil, considering his age, was probably finding it hard to keep up with the fast running Zayed. “But he is a fast runner and does a very good job of catching up,” Khan says. And even if he didn’t, we’re sure Anil Kapoor made up for it through his expressions. Right, Mr. Kapoor? Wink, wink.


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