Zee Cine Awards 2012: What’s your verdict?

Zee Cine Awards 2012: What’s your verdict?

We think the show lacked much-needed gravitas and the punches couldn’t possibly be any weaker

Simply cashing in on a superstar’s popularity isn’t enough for an awards function these days. Considering these events have moved beyond the good old-fashioned ‘paying homage and celebrating cinema’ mode, they better do justice to the new trend of entertaining viewers with sardonic barbs. So as we watched Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra imitating other stars and taking a dig at every movie that was nominated in the Best Film category at the Zee Cine Awards, we couldn’t fathom the need to do so, especially since the humour seemed so forced. As they continued foisting on us more and more and increasingly limper jokes, what really stood out was Farhan Akhtar’s wordplay. The actor-director came up with the lamest yet funny jokes and unsparingly criticised everyone from ZNMD, including himself, saying that the bulls in the movie had better expressions than the actors. Apart from Akhtar, Shahid Kapoor was a refreshing break from the conventional leg-pulling act by King Khan and PC. The Kapoor kid looked hot and as we went all gaga over the biomechanics of the nimble-footed dancer, he left us panting for more.

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif grooved to the Rockstar and Chikni Chameli numbers; while the Dance India Dance crew did a catchy and happy act. Amidst all the entertainment, the industry paid their respects to the late Shammi Kapoor and Dev Anand, with Dev’s son Suneil getting obviously emotional, while Shammi’s wife Neela Devi watched her grand-nephew do his little jig and smiled with restrained dignity. All in all this overhyped event held at Macau was nothing beyond average. As SRK and PC put on their shining armour and saved the function by their mere screen presence and good chemistry, we think from next time on the show’s honchos could do us a favour by hiring a better scriptwriter.

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  • arif

    i think best actor shahrukh khan for DON2

    • saira

      best actor is priynaka choopra

  • saqlane

    The worst of all Awards functions. Worst nominations ever. useless committee and jury. overall a big flop show ever….

    • roshan

      i agree with you not 100% but 200% on ur comment with regards to the awards, its all just a bit scam, i mean if you really look at it, there are no reall good bollywood actors except, Amir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, none of them are really good actors…Rhithik doesnt really live up to Agneepath, SRK doesnt make a good don..its really sad that one does not get good Bollywood actors anymore…

  • roshan

    Just finished watch the Zee Cine Awards thsi weekend, i must say i was shocked, but not surprised at Shaed Kapoor’s performance, it seems like Bollywood is taking dancing and performance to whole new level of raunchiness, the way the Shamak Daver’s group girls were rubbing against Shaed Kapoor, anyone could see the implications of the dance was.
    I could not watch this kind of “BS” with my family as this is suppose to be a family show.
    Its more than enough that we get more raunchy scenes in Bollywood movies now, we do not want to see this in live performances as well, a little bit of respect on this regard. We all know that we have to move with the times, but being dis-respectful at the same time, its just not on…
    Bollywood is a huge platform to showcase the diversity of India itself, but show this does not mean to cheapen our name in front of the world.

    Totally disgusted…