Zeenat Aman: Yes, I am in love, but I am not getting married right now!

The veteran actor denies rumours that she is all set to tie the knot with her 36-year-old businessman beau. But she also confesses that she will give ‘marriage’ a thought considering he has already popped the question

” Yes, I am in love. There is someone in my life, I won’t deny it. But I am not getting married! Not right now at least. Yes, he has proposed to me. But I haven’t decided to take the plunge as yet.  

No doubt my boys are my priority. Now there’s this man and he’s serious about our relationship. He wants to get married, so I am thinking about it.” She adds, “If at all there’s marriage, it would be very quiet. At my age I can’t have a big fat wedding, though I feel you are as old or as young as you feel.”
– Zeenat Aman