Zila Ghaziabad song Chhamiya No.1: Shriya Saran is anything but seductive

Tue, February 19, 2013 2:04pm IST by
Zila Ghaziabad song Chhamiya No.1: Shriya Saran is anything but seductive

A brand new item song from the Sanjay Dutt-Arshad Warsi starrer is out. And here’s what we think about it

Zila Ghaziabad has a rustic feel to it. And the same has been portrayed in this item number called Chhamiya No.1 where Shriya Saran as a cleavage-flaunting Chhamiya tries to tease and seduce Sanjay Dutt. But all through the song, we kept our eyes wide open trying to spot one itsy-bitsy move that could respectably be called ‘seductive’. Unfortunately, we couldn’t spot THE move.

But yeah, there was the clichéd outlining of the ‘heart’ – if you know what we mean – and a couple of wannabe dhak-dhak steps, all of which fell flat. Sigh!

As far as the song itself goes, nothing earth-shattering or even breathtakingly catchy about this number; just the usual stuff.

Chhamiya has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Shabab Sabri, and composed by Bappa Lahiri.

So take a look at this one and tell us: Did you like this item number from Zila Ghaziabad?

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  • Anon

    It’s a catchy song. Shriya was obviously roped in to do the item number because she is the best dancer Indian cinema has to offer and is strikingly beautiful. She certainly looks nice next to the stars of Bollywood. Perhaps there is something there?

    As far as being promoted as seductive this articles statement is true. This song was tame but that is neither Shriya’s nor Sanjay’s fault but the promoters false advertising.

    Having said that I enjoyed the song and think Shriya would make a nice heroine in Bollywood

    • Nosheen

      I’d luv, luuuuuuvvvvv, luuuuvvv to see Shriya paied with Amir Khan!!

  • Dimple Patel

    Loved the song! Shriya is Gorgeous!!!! SHRIYA + SRK = My dream pairing!!!!

  • Keepingitreal

    That pose is Very Seductive!!!!!!!!

  • Amrit

    Beauty, brains, and an even more beautiful heart….

    I also want to see her paired with Amir Khan

  • DoveDarkChocolateSquares

    Dear Shriya Saran-

    You are the most beautiful woman in the world

    Smile :)

  • AlmondDreams

    Shriya you are a dream come true to so many of us and I am thankful to call myself your fan. You were rocking in this song!

    Keep it up and do not stop…some of us may never walk in the chances you have, myself included and I’m proud to have you walk in them for me ;)

    Stay blessed always

  • Kalu’TheCarpetWeaver’

    Loved the song- an amazing dancer and the most beautiful woman in the world, as stated by Dove.

    There will always be a sadness now that she has left the twitter world but the selfish part of us that misses the part of her life she shared with us is happy and rejoices knowing that she is better off without the negativity in her life. She is fun to think about and reminisce over the journeys during her film releases

    The are stars and superstars and then there is you Shriya Saran- no one can ever bring talent down, not a spoken word or a written article, nothing. You have all the talent in the world- seductive one moment, most beautiful the next and all in between.

    This song and these comments show that you deserve to be next to the creme de la creme like Amir, SRK, Sallu, Ranbir, Bose, Irrfan K…..

    Never forget your smile lights the stars in the midnight’s sky and gives us a canvas to paint the universe.

    All the best-
    Kalu The Carpet Weaver

  • devendra

    very good song

  • meena

    very good song and choreography

  • Jasmine

    OMG Shriya is VERY seductive. What is this authors problem????

    Shriya you R O C K!!!!

  • Reena

    great song!!!!! Shriya is soooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saleem

    Shriya is sexifull!!!!! Loved the song!!

  • Prandeep+Amna

    We loved the song
    Shahid + Shriya would = Steam on the Big Screen

  • poonamK

    liked the song
    Top 5
    1) Shriya + SRK (Star Power)
    2) Shriya + Sallu (Star Power and Seduction)
    3) Shriya + Rahul Bose (intellectually stimulating, talent + talent)
    4) Shriya + Amir Khan (award winning cinema)
    5) Shriya + Abhishek (in a comedy)

  • Bollywoodhunk

    liked it

  • lina

    +1 for me

  • dalpreet

    x2 – great song, Shriya is glamorous

  • idhika

    count me in as loving this song and Shriya my idol

  • Danya

    Shriya is Madhubabla reincarnate so seductive and V hot! love the song

  • SRKFan

    Shriya is magnificent in this song! can’t wait to see her reunite with SRK

  • Sachin

    Great song and great performance by Shriya

  • Shriya#1fan

    Seductive Shriya at her finest!!!!!!! Loved the song!!!!

  • Katrina

    stunning stunning stunning Shriya Saran
    loved loved loved the song
    Shriya is always very seductive

  • Mahesh

    #1 song rocking shriya

  • tiger-cat

    loved the song….Shriya is fab!

  • Zahida

    Incredibly seductive Shriya! Fab song fab woman, my inspiration

  • Pooja

    You are a doll Shriya! Don’t ever change girl :)

    Loved the song. Shriya is seductive in everything she does!

  • Aafreen

    Shriya is the best. Seductive, Sensual, Sincere!!!!

    Love the Song!!!!!!

  • Anu

    Shriya is glam! Def seductive in this song!! Great job!

  • Gulam

    the best of the best and the seductive of the seductive…what a wonderful song and dance number. not sleazy but a touch of seduction that makes us all appreciate her just a bit more as a talent.

    excellent job there Shriya Saran.


  • Baasima

    Shriya is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I’m openly gay!! Terrific song! I want to choreograph her next! She would totally win Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa!

    Jai ho girlfriend! Jai ho! Muah

  • maghav

    very happy to see Shriya in bollywood. She is glam she is strong she is beautiful she is kind hearted.

    I wish be people like Bollywood Life would give her the proper due she has earned but that won’t stop her from rising about it.

    Happy for her entry and hope she returns again and again.

    Much Love – From Pune-


  • Kalpana

    No body does it better than Shriya Saran. NO BODY!!!!
    Great job girl! You are simply the best!


    from Gujarat

  • Uday

    l love the song!!! Shriya is the ultimate seductress and dancer!

  • Ram

    Ah so Bollywood Life speaks poorly of everything Shriya Saran does yet she continues to flourish and obtain exciting roles.

    Jealous of Ms. Saran’s success oh Bollywood life?? Me thinks so! Me thinks so!!

  • Jyoti

    Shriya goes from Midnight’s Children to this and now all these rumors of her making big signing, I can’t help but wonder like the previous poster why Bollywood Life is so against Shriya.

    You are Fab Shriya! I hope Spielberg signs you to his film! Keep Smiling!!!!!

  • dddude

    Shriya Saran is so sexy, the BL.com commentator must be gay to not to be amazed by all her moves in this song. Superb Shriya do more great dances like this!

  • thed

    Shriya u are awesome!