Zila Ghaziabad title song: Is Sanjay Dutt copying Salman Khan’s Chulbul Pandey?

In this explosive number from Anand Kumar’s forthcoming release Zila Ghaziabad, you will find Arshad Warsi and Vivek Oberoi showing their combative streak. But what on earth is Sanjay Dutt up to?

Based on a war between two rival gangs in Ghaziabad, Anand Kumar’s forthcoming release Zila Ghaziabad has a powerful starcast. In the title track Yeh hai Zila Ghaziabad, you will find Arshad Warsi, Vivek Oberoi and Sanjay Dutt showcasing their aggressive side. Though we liked the distinct rustic flavour of this number and the hummable music, what made us giggle is the presence of Sanjay Dutt in a khaki.

Now don’t get us wrong. There’s no denying the fact that Sanju baba has a solid screen presence, but in this number, he looks a curious mix of Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg and Ajay Devgn from Singham. Even some of the signature dance moves given to Sanjay Dutt seems like an exact replica of the famous Dabangg ishtyle dance.

Though Arshad Warsi’s energetic persona and Vivek Oberoi’s rustic character adds a punch to this number, Sanju baba has let us down with his copy cat acts. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh and ably supported by the background vocals of Nadeem Khan, Yeh hai Zila Ghaziabad is composed by Amjad Bagadba. This number has an aggressive zing to it. Now watch the video and tell us if you agree with us.

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