24 actor Nikunj Malik files case against relatives

The 24 actor had earlier participated in the reality TV show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Nikunj Malik filed a case against her relatives for threatening and abusing her mother and her in Faridabad for her career choice. The actor talks about the trauma she is going through, the callousness of the cops and why she is not going to give up…“This is not aaj-kal ki baat, it has now come to light because the media got involved. It is this community — it is like that only. The actor thinks no woman in her community is happy and doing what she wants.

According to a report in The Times of India, Nikunj says, “Everything was fine till I finished my Class XII.”She further adds, My parents were very supportive, I was loved and taken care of. And then, I decided to go to Chennai to attend college. I was good at studies, I wanted to study further, but our relatives started pressurising my parents not to send me, to get me married off. ‘Naam mitti mein mila ke rakh degi, shaadi karwado,’ they’d keep telling my dad. But my dad was okay with me going to Chennai at that time, and so I went.

While talking about her past, Nikunj says that since she was the girl child who should have been killed way before she was born. Instead, the actor got through IIM for her PhD, but could not take it up because her relatives did not support her decisions. Following this, she got an offer to participate in the reality TV show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Nikunj did this show and when half the show was shot, and the promos went on air, things got disturbed once again. Nikunj’s cousins and uncles came over to her place and threatened her and by this time her father changed sides and went against her.  Nikunj says,” One of my uncles and a cousin came home one day while my dad was there. He hit my mother so badly that she was left with a fractured leg, and told her, ‘Yeh sab tumhara shei se ho raha hai, bandh karwao yeh sab, ghar bulao usko.’ My dad never took her to the hospital in time to set the fracture. He simply left her to fend for herself. I came home, talked to them because I was scared for my mother, got them into a comfort zone, and then left.

The actor who will seen be seen in Revolver Rani recollects the experience when she got the film. At that time, her relatives again abused and threatened her mother to kill her if the actor would return home.  The actor finally filed a case against her relatives in July, before she started working for the TV show 24.

When I came back last month and asked the cops what happened to that case, they said that my father was with my family, and so there really was no fight, and so the case was closed. I was aghast. My dad had stopped monetary support to my mom and had also told the cops that he had no objection to our relatives trying to bring back his ‘wayward’ daughter home, and, therefore, the case was null and void.

It is only after the media got involved that the cops registered an FIR this time. And believe me, I have heard the cops say things like, ‘aap aurat ho, thoda bardasht kar loge toh kya ho jayega?’ With such an attitude, we — my brother and I — have to now go for private security for my mother.