Adnan Siddiqui: I had a few offers from Bollywood!

Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui talks about his show on Zindagi and his upcoming films

Adnan Siddiqui is a Pakistani actor who has appeared in many commercials and drama serials. He gained popularity through his drama Uroosa followed by Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan, Doraha and Maat. Adnan has also been appreciated for his role in Angelina Jolie-starrer A Mighty Heart.

What was your reaction when you came to know that Zindagi is airing your shows in India?

Honestly, I was not shocked or surprised. In fact, I was wondering why Indian channels have been so late in acquiring Pakistani shows and content. Pakistani dramas have always been brilliant and India should be showcasing more of these. Now that they have, I am really happy as this will be a big step towards developing a better understanding between India and Pakistan.

What according to you is the strength of Pakistani dramas?

Pakistani dramas are based in reality, and you will find substance in it. They are like Indian art films, not at all commercial. We try to shoot our television shows in real locations and not on sets, so when you watch our shows there is a very heavy influence of a realistic ambience.

Most of the Pakistani shows are women centric and you also find many women leading the entertainment sector in Pakistan. What is your opinion on this?

I have nothing against this. In fact, I am glad that even the women are coming out in large numbers and showcasing their talent in acting, script-writing, direction and other areas. Coming to shows being women-centric, these are issues that have to be addressed as they exist in every society. Television series and dramas are a very influential medium through which these problems can be addressed and a possible change can be brought in.

Do you have any plans of collaborating with Indian filmmakers?

I did get a few offers from India as well, but unfortunately they did not materialise. Shaanu Sharma from YRF had once contacted me for a negative role in a film, I was almost coming to India, when the director felt the age of the villain should be reduced. Hence the plan got cancelled.

How was it working with Angelina Jolie?

I had no idea about A Mighty Heart coming my way. This role came to me through a friend’s friend, who gave my name for the audition and asked to give it a shot. When I went for the audition, I saw the entire fraternity sitting there. I gave my audition and had a chat with the casting director. The same day I got a call saying that I have a meeting with the producer of the film the following day. When the producer told me it was a Hollywood film and the cast has Angelina in it, I thought it was the Pakistani actress Angelina Malik, and wondering why was he creating so much hype around it. Later when he clarified that it was Angelina Jolie, I was very surprised and readily accepted the role.

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