Amol Gupte: Hawa Hawaai is bigger than its actors

The maverick director does not massage his actors’ egos and believes that the film is bigger than anybody else

While making Hawa Hawaai, all of director Amol Gupte’s focus was on bringing out a quality product rather than impressing or pampering the cast members. “There are no inflated egos on this set. The film is bigger than everyone else and everyone is doing the best they can for the film. That is what counts,” Gupte said in a statement.

Hawa Hawaai stars Saqib Saleem along with Gupte’s son Partho, who received a lot of appreciation for his performance in Stanley Ka Dabba. The director did not even place any vanity vans on the set. “There were no vanity vans but we never felt like we needed one. The environment was so warm and family-like on the sets that there was no room for any vanity on the set- vans or otherwise,” he said.