Andrew Garfield: Fathers have the ability to mess up their sons

Andrew Garfield says fathers can have an odd relationship with their offspring that could also mess them up

The 30-year-old reprises his role as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and said that the film is a “cautionary tale for dads” as it shows his alter-ego with Harry Osborn battle their own issues, reported a website.

“A good dose of therapy would be beneficial to Spider-Man, for sure. But I don’t know of any father-and-son relationship that hasn’t struggled. Fathers do really have an ability to mess up their sons. And this story is a really good example. It’s a cautionary tale for dads.”

The actor, who has been dating co-star Emma Stone, believes there are certain things parents will get wrong and every child has to see past these. “You know, when I become a dad, as soon as my child is born I’ll have messed up. There is an imperfection in being human that we have to accept. As the child you’ve got to learn to get over it, become your own person. You can’t keep blaming your mum and dad. It’s a tough road for young people. It definitely was for me,” he said.


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