Anupam Kher: Met the legendary Mr Ruskin Bond. Jai Ho!

Every star has his ‘fan’ moment, and one of the finest Bollywood actor was elated to have met the legendary Bond, Ruskin Bond!

Veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, who is in Landour near Mussoorie to conduct a special coaching workshop, met Ruskin Bond at his residence and invited the celebrated author to relaunch his book. Mr Kher met Bond for breakfast in Landour, where the author stays. “My life is made. Met one of the most amazing writers, the legendary Mr Ruskin Bond. Jai Ho,” the actor posted on his Twitter page yesterday.

In a series of posts thereafter, Anupam posted a few photographs of himself with the writer, and a candid picture of Bond beside a window, “where he stands for hours and conceives his books,” wrote the actor.

“Invited Mr Ruskin Bond for breakfast and requested him to relaunch my book. He obliged.:) #gratitude,” Kher added.

Like an excited fan, the actor even got the author’s autograph on the book Maharani.