Are Aniston and Theroux getting married soon?

Reports suggest that actor Justin Theroux has stated that he wants to marry his Friends star Fiance’ Jennifer Aniston in a low key ceremony on her birthday

Theroux plans to tie the knot with the 45-year-old on his birthday, August 10, after two years to the day when he proposed to Aniston on his 41st birthday, reports a popular portal.

After undergoing months of therapy to talk through their problems, the duo are all set to marry.

“After talking honestly, their issues seemed to evaporate. Justin admitted he hated the idea of an over-the-top wedding. Jen happily agreed to a low-key do with friends and family. Jen’s thrilled and Justin couldn’t be happier,” said a source.

The actor agreed to relocate permanently from New York to Aniston’s home, here.

“Jen doesn’t like Justin going to New York alone and lunching with his ex-fiancee Heidi Bivens,” said a source.