Ashley Roberts: I miss Pussycat Dolls

Though the Hollywood beauty is excited about her solo work

Singer Ashley Roberts misses the joy of performing as part of the Pussycat Dolls band.

The blonde beauty is excited about her solo work, but says that she longs for the days of rocking on stage with her girl bandmates.

When asked if she misses her group, she said: “Yeah, I do.”

“I miss the girls and our special moments and being on stage with them. But I’m really excited, my second single is coming up and it’s called ‘Woman Up’. So that’s really exciting,” Roberts told OK! magazine, reports

The 32-year-old has moved from the US to Britain and says living in London has given her more inspiration.

“I think coming over to Britain has made me more inspired – I love fashion and looks and putting together outfits. I love the uniqueness of everything in London,” she added.

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