Beyonce Knowles sings happy birthday for her fan during a concert! Watch video

Shehnaz Khan definitely had a great birthday thanks to this pop star

Beyonce Knowles stopped her show in Birmingham to sing ‘Happy birthday’ for one of her fans. Shehnaz Khan, the fan, shot the video and shared it on YouTube. In the clip, the 32-year-old can be seen asking her back-up dancers to stop performing after spotting Khan standing in the front row wearing a badge saying it’s her birthday, reports

“Incredible, when is that ever going to happen again,” Khan said.

“I was wearing a birthday badge, which she noticed early on in the show and she kind of nodded in acknowledgment,” Khan told Birmingham Mail.

“I can’t believe she stopped the show for me. I was leaning over the barrier holding her hand and not realising the camera was recording, everyone around me was going crazy,” she added.

Watch Beyonce wish her fan live in concert!