Birsa Dasgupta: New genre horror flick not a sequel to Bengali classic

Birsa says his film is inspired by the Tamil film Pizza

Setting a modern day ghost tale in the hub of the 21st century Kolkata, a new horror genre in Tollywood, director Birsa Dasgupta affirms his last film is anything but a southern remake.

Golpo Holeo Shotti can’t be called a copy or remake.”

It is very Bengali, very urban, a bit scary and something the audience can connect with. At best it can be described as being inspired by the Tamil film Pizza,” Birsa said today.

The film, sharing name with a 70’s Bengali comic caper starring Robi Ghosh, also bears no resemblance with that black and white classic and the title is not deliberate to cash on the old name, since it is not a sequel, Birsha, having made a whacky satire Obhisopto Nighty starring Indraneil Sengupta-Paoli Dam previously, said.

“There is no bat and haunted house. It is very cosmopolitan and it is different from the previous horror flicks in Bengali where things take turn for the bizarre in the lives of a pizza delivery boy (Soham) and his ghost-believer wife (Mimi) one day,” he said.

Unlike previous Bengali ghost thrillers, where the apparitions were more laughable than scary, Galpo Holeo Shotti has fear writ large all over the frames and script, Birsa said.

Extensively shot on a single light source to accentuate the eerie effect again for the first time in Bengali, Golpo Holeo Shotti also starred Rajatabho Dutta amd produced by Sri Venkatesh Films.

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