Bridesmaids actor Kristen Wiig to star in another comedy

She will be seen alongside Annie Mumolo in this one

Actor Kristen Wiig is planning to go behind the camera for the first time by signing a deal for a new comedy with TriStar.

The actor has joined forces with her Bridesmaids co-star and co-writer Annie Mumolo, for an original comedy, reports a portal.

Little is known about the film’s plot, expect that the duo will play best friends who “find themselves in over their heads and out of their depths, which were, perhaps, not too deep to begin with.”

The friends joked in a statement published in a popular daily: “‘We’re very excited to be writing. We will be going into a cave for months to finish. An actual cave. We found one that’s nice and big. We’re putting a couch in there.”

Wiig added: “I’ve been wanting to direct for some time now. This seems like the perfect first project.”