Cameron Diaz buys $9million home!

It’s not just Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who are indulging in properties, the Charlie’s Angels star is the latest to buy an expensive home in New York!

Cameron Diaz has reportedly spent $9 million on a new home in New York.  The condominium is in the same neighbourhood as Nicole Kidman, Harrison Ford and Katie Holmes. The 3,022 square feet luxury condo is located in the Walker Tower building in the upmarket Chelsea neighbourhood in Manhattan.  The house, which will also cost the actor around $5,000 a month in maintenance and real estate tax, boasts three bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and a home automation system complete with iPad dock.  The main building also offers residents a lot, with amenities including a sauna, yoga room, refrigerated storage for deliveries and a library lounge complete with both a pantry and a bar.

We’re sure we would like a sneak peek into this Hollywood star’s home, after all a home reflects on the individual’s personality and we are sure Dias will have a fun side to her new home.