Channing Tatum is contagious!

The actor spread a contagious skin disease to his family

Actor Channing Tatum, who loves to be outdoor, returned home with a skin disease and transmitted to his family members.

After a recent camping trip, the 22 Jump Street actor suffered poison oak and the itchy rash quickly spreading to his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum and their daughter Everly, reports a portal.

Speaking in an interview given in April, Jenna said: “We’re going to the (MTV) Movie Awards tonight, but I have to rethink my dress.”

“After this I’m heading to the dermatologist because my husband decided to go camping and bring back Poison Oak–the perks of living with a man who loves to be outdoors! We’re a family of poison oak at the moment. We’ll be really sexy on the red carpet tonight,” she added.