Chantel Jeffries opens up about her relationship with Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber and his many women have made headlines recently, however Jeffries who was with Bieber during his DUI arrest in Miami dismisses all allegations

Chantel Jeffries was identified as the gorgeous young woman by Justin Bieber ’s side at the time of his arrest in Miami on Jan. 23. In a revealing interview for the first time ever Chantel talks about her relationship with the singer. reported, Chantel Jeffries’ first interview about Justin Bieber romance!Chantel is tired of people talking trash about her and Justin! In a new interview with E! News on Feb. 25, Justin’s pretty companion set the record straight about all the “misconceptions” surrounding the Biebs, insisting that he’s not a drug addict, he’s not out of control, and there actually are some people who say “no” to him.

Apparently Chantel is one of them — because she completely denied having any romantic involvement with the Believe singer! When Chantel was asked if she’s ever kissed Justin or slept in the same bed with him, she replied, “We’re friends,” asking the interviewer: ”Do you kiss your friends, Terrence?… Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?”

Wow! Do you think Chantel is really telling the truth about that? If so, we know one person who will be glad to hear that — Justin’s ex, Selena Gomez!

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