Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2 riding high into its second week!

The film is doing very well at the box-office, we hear

Harping on women’s safety and the issue of fair sex lured into MMS traps, the teenage romantic caper Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2 has set up new benchmarks as a modest budget Bengali film, with relatively unknown young cast, riding high into its second week.

“From the second week running we had to add 29 more theaters across the state, other than the 98 screens where it was already running. This takes the tally of theater screens presence of the film to 127 and all theatres reported full occupancy at certain show timings,” director Soumik Chattopadhyay said.

The film, primarily on love, friendship and betrayal by a boy towards an unsuspecting school girl, also lobs questions at the society in the backdrop of issues like women’s safety and division of power and resources between the societal classes.

Chirodini Tumi Je Amar 2 stands out as a testament that compelling storylines and realistic settings have the same potential for popularity as it is with commercial blockbusters,” Producers Srikant Mohta of Shree venkatesh films said.

Based on a true story, Chirodini 2 also dwells on the issue of child labour and the breezy name belies the seriousness of the entertainer, the Bapi Bari Jaa actor Arjun Chakraborty says.

Besides Arjun, the lead cast comprises an array of young actors Urmila Mahanta, Riddhi Sen, Ena Saha and Bihu Mukherjee, two being sons of seasoned Tollywood actors.

“The central characters were deglamorized to fit into the realistic backdrop on which the story was set. The film was shot in ‘indie’ style without the backdrop of exotic locations or expensive studio sets,” the director said.