Christina Aguilera feels refreshed after weight loss

Christina Aguilera feels refreshed after weight loss

Read on to know what Aguilera has to say about losing weight

Singer Christina Aguilera, who recently lost 30 pounds, says she feels “refreshed”. The 32-year-old believes the weight loss has given her a new lease of life. 

“It’s a lot of stagnant energy sitting in a chair for three years in a row. I got to have, finally, a break and spend some time with my son…being able to breathe and have time away outside of the camera and get to the nitty-gritty of all things real and personal (allowed me to come) back refreshed,” she said at an event. Christina had reportedly banned “dairy and carbs” from her diet to lose weight.

“Her diet plan has been built around very small portions and very high-energy training for short periods of time, but frequently. Banned are dairy and carbs (carbohydrates). On the agenda is a lot of coconut water, herbal teas, tofu, celery, oily fish and small amounts of low fat cheese,” said a source.

“But the major key to this is only hand size portions of every meal and five small meals a day,” the source added.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Steven James

    I totally agree on the energy aspect. Since I lost weight, I have a tremendous amount of energy throughout the day. Whereas, I always felt tired.

    I have to disagree with the five meals a day being the key to losing weight. For me, I used Eat Stop Eat to lose weight where I only eat twice a day. It works for me, which is all that counts. My point is that weight loss is finding a plan that is best suited for you.