Danis Tanovic: I love Anurag Kashyap’s larger than life attitude!

A director known for war-based dramas like Triage and the Oscar-winning No Man’s Land, Tanovic co-produced The Lunchbox is definitely looking at Bollywood seriously

Danis Tanovic is working with Emraan Hashmi and has co-produced The Lunchbox with Anurag Kashyap, is a fan of the Dev D director!The Bosnian filmmaker collaborated with Indian filmmaker Anurag Kashyap for the highly acclaimed “The Lunchbox” and appreciates his attitude and endeavour in helping youngsters. “I love Anurag,” he said of the filmmaker, whom he first met in 2005.  “I like the guy. I love his larger than life attitude. I like the fact that he is helping young filmmakers, and that he says what he thinks. I appreciate that. He speaks up, and it is a great thing. There are not many filmmakers like him,” Tanovic told in an interview.

The filmmaker shot his next project for seven months in India. Parts of the movie, which also stars Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi, are said to have been shot in Mumbai and Patiala. “It’s finished shooting. We need to finish the music and sound for the film. It was a nice experience to shoot in India,” said the filmmaker without divulging the genre, tone and flavour of the movie.  The movie, he said, is still in the process of filming. All that he, however, hinted at is that it is “completely different from what I do”.

He was here for the screening of his latest docu-drama An Episode In The Life of An Iron Picker, which is representing his country in the Oscar best foreign film category. For now, it is only a holiday that’s on the 44-year-old filmmaker’s mind.  “I’m going to take a holiday! I am a father of five and I have a life other than being a filmmaker,” he said.