Diane Kruger guilty of being manipulative with boyfriends?

The pretty lady has something to confess. Keep reading

Diane Kruger has confessed she used to be slightly manipulative in her past relationshipsThe 37-year-old says playing crafty bride-to-be Isabelle in French film A Perfect Plan, out in Britain this June, has made her realise she’s been guilty of using her womanly charms to her advantage in the past when it comes to men.

“Maybe (I’m]) not like Isabelle, but I’ve certainly been guilty in the past of being slightly manipulative when it comes to boyfriends. I think, as women, we know instinctively how to push men’s buttons,” contactmusic.com quoted her as saying.

“We know which fights to pick and which to leave. And we know that if we pick a certain type of dress, we’ll get a certain type of reaction,” she added.