Dimple Kapadia’s sarees for What The Fish promotions go missing

Dimple Kapadia’s sarees for What The Fish promotions go missing

The actor was to wear the same sarees that her character wears in the film

Dimple Kapadia had agreed to launch the trailer of What The Fish dressed in sarees just as her character in the movie. But the costume department was in a fix when her sarees went missing.

Dimple, who has worn very peculiar sarees in the movie, was excited to don her character, but then there was a roadblock as the costumes went missing.

Director Gurmmeet Singh wasn’t keen to go ahead with the promo launch of the movie, without having Dimple in the same look from the film. The stylist was then made to fly down to the south specially to source authentic traditional saris for the duration of the promotion, said a source.

Confirming the same, Singh said in a statement: “Dimpleji is ecstatic to promote the movie and hence has been very particular about her look during these upcoming appearances. “We had to specially source these sarees in time for the same, due to a certain unforeseen mishap. Now everything is on track and we are good to go.”

The story of What The Fish revolves around the protagonist who has to leave town and needs someone to take care of her money plant and fish. She then decides to leave the house in the care of her niece. The narrative is about the hilarious turn of events which take place in the house in her absence.Subscribe to me on YouTube