Ellie Goulding: Long distance relationship not easy

The singer talks about hardships of being in a long distance relationships

Singer Ellie Goulding admits that long distance relationship is not easy to maintain, but happy with boyfriend Dougie Poynter.

Goulding finds it difficult travelling up north to Manchester from London to visit musician, but thinks it’s definitely worth the effort, reports contactmusic.com.

“Long distance isn’t easy at all. You have to work at it, like anything in life. But I’m very happy. I’m happy, man! I’m chilled,” she told Britain’s Glamour magazine.

The 27-year-old also denied reports that she was romantically involved with Sam Karl, the US personal trainer she was pictured on a yacht date with earlier this year.

“He’s a friend of a friend and we were actually this far away (throws arms wide apart). It’s all about angles, this is how photographers do it. It’s very wrong. Very naughty… but I’ve come to accept there will always be something to say. Luckily I’ve got to a point where nothing can obscure the fact I’m a successful artist,” she said.

“I’ve done well and people still really love my music. And I’m always about the music. My friends know that and the only downside is people reading things like that and assuming I’m something that I’m not. But that happens. And it will always happen,” she added.