Emma Stone: Working with Woody Allen is intimidating!

The Amazing Spider-Man star is working with Woody in Magic in the Moonlight

Emma Stone says she felt intimidated by Woody Allen while working in his directorial venture Magic in the Moonlight.

The actor stars alongside Colin Firth in the film and for the 25-year-old, working under Allen’s direction was nerve-racking because the team weren’t given time to get comfortable with him, reports contactmusic.com.

“It was hugely intimidating. I think after a while you get your sea legs a little bit, but there’s no rehearsal process, there’s no real getting-to-know Woody at all. You are just terrified. It’s all cold,” contactmusic.com quoted Stone as saying.

The Amazing Spider-Man star, who claims Allen “goes to great lengths” to keep his scripts under wraps, didn’t even meet with the director before she was offered the part.

“I didn’t physically see him. He didn’t pull me into any room and he wasn’t there when I read the script. Someone gave me the script. His assistant gave me the script and I read it, gave it back to her and then left,” she said.

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