Emma Stone’s naked photographs go viral on internet

Emma Stone’s naked photographs go viral on internet

The Harry Potter starlet is furious over her nude photographs which have been leaked on net

Actress Emma Stone, who is dating actor Andrew Garfield, was left mortified earlier this week when a series of naked photographs of her were leaked online. In the photos, Stone is seen standing fully naked in front of a bathroom mirror, taking a selfie with a cell phone.

The actor isn’t amused, reports a leading news website.

“To say Emma is freaking out would be an understatement. She took these photos for her own personal use, not even to send on to Andrew. She’s mortified that they’ve become public,” a website quoted a source as saying.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Jane

    Hello reporters are you confusing Emma Stone with Emma Watson? Emma Watson worked in Harry Potter not Stone..

  • jess

    Lol she’s not in harry potter