Emma Thompson feels Hollywood is male dominated

Thompson has a dream role in mind for herself

Emma Thompson has opened up in favour of gender-blind casting, and has admitted that she wants to play the role of Sherlock Holmes. Thompson said that she is certain casting against gender would provide a fresh view of the classics, but she also expects that society’s concept of the hero-role itself will soon expand and no longer be predominantly male-dominated, Independent reported. The 54-year-old actress said that she wonders if the heroic role is unisex, or if it means there is an area of life which remains unexplored, which contains stories which remain untold. She said that she suspects that’s the case, and it will be very interesting as this generation gets into its stride to see what those stories turn out to be. Thompson added that she is always likely to be overlooked for not being male, along with the rest of the profession’s female talent.