FIFA World Cup 2014 kept Amitabh Bachchan awake all night!

Big B loves football. So much so that he stayed up last night to watch the opening of FIFA World Cup, like every other football fan

Amitabh Bachchan was amongst the many football fans who stayed up all night glued to their TV sets for the first FIFA World Cup 2014 match. The 71-year-old veteran actor shared a picture on his Twitter account, which shows him kicking the Brazil ball, and kept posting updates about the game.

Amitabh Bachchan tweeted, “FIFA opening ! Been glued to Tv since long and shall see the first game too .. ! Me with Brazil ball !!”

Later he added another tweet, “Opening ceremony over !! Just felt could have been better. Also opening ceremony at night better always, not in the day !!” He even added a tweet about the game, which certainly proves that Big B was indeed glued to the television last night!

Bachchan, who’s a Brazil team fan, asked its players to buck up, and gave a sign of relief when Neymar Jr equalized with a goal, after Marcelo Vieira had scored an own goal, which was also the tournament’s very first goal.

And it seems like the actor’s prayers were heard, as the Brazilians won the opening match beating Croatia 3-1.