Goldie Hawn finds Justin Bieber’s situation ‘heartbreaking’!

Bieber’s troubled innings finds a sympathiser

Goldie Hawn has revealed that she feels despair at seeing young stars such as Justin Bieber struggling with fame. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the Oscar-winnng actor, who is the founder of The Hawn Foundation which provides youth education programmes to improve academic results, claimed that it’s heartbreaking seeing Bieber struggle and face different temptations to those she encountered, the Daily Express reported. While comparing Bieber’s rapid rise to fame with her own, Hawn said that today’s young generation of celebrities are self-medicating and that is the most dangerous thing for them.

Justin Bieber was arrested at a beach in Miami for drunken driving and drag racing but later walked out of jail on bail. A Miami judge set his bail at $2,500. The 19-year-old, dressed in orange jumpsuit, said nothing during the hearing, reports On Thursday morning, Bieber was stopped for drag racing on Pine Street Drive at 26th Street. He failed a field sobriety test and was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence. The legal drinking age in the state of Florida is 21. Bieber was charged with DUI, driving on an expired licence and refusing arrest without violence. He was booked at Miami-Dade County Jail. Bieber‘s arrest comes just a few days after Los Angeles police raided his home to investigate his involvement in acts of vandalism in his neighbourhood.