Gurdas Maan: Punjabi films lack good scripts!

Famous singer-actor Gurdas Maan feels that the Punjabi film industry lacks quality scripts and better infrastructure to compete with other regional and Bollywood films

“Punjabi film industry lacks quality scripts and better infrastructure. They are less successful as compared to the Southern films due to the shortage of good topics,” said Maan, 57, who was in Jalandhar for the music launch of his upcoming film Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar.

When asked about the infrastructure, he said, “Hindi and Southern industry have great studios, where films are made in a grand manner but that is not true for Punjabi films and this is why they fail to do well at the box office.” The actor, who is heading back to Punjabi cinema after a gap of three years, feels Punjabi films are facing lot of struggle but he is hopeful that they will overcome the growing hurdles soon. “Punjabi films are in a stage of struggle. Why should we talk about regional films? There will come a time when Punjabi films will be competing with those of Bollywood,” he said.

Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar, a family entertainer is slated to hit theatres on May 2. It stars Maan opposite Punjabi actor Neeru Bajwa, 33.


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