Hansal Mehta’s Shahid makes Shahid Azmi’s brother emotional

Khalid Azmi,  slain lawyer Shahid Asmi’s brother, watched Hansal Mehta’s film based on his brother’s life twice

Khalid Azmi became emotional after watching a latest screening of Hindi film Shahid, based on the life of his brother, slain lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi. Khalid saw the movie in Mumbai on Friday.

“Our family has gone through a lot. It’s a very emotional moment for us. I have watched this film before, and yesterday I watched the film again with my family. I got very emotional,” said Khalid.

“The film (tells) a part of my life, so it is very realistic and everything comes alive before my eyes,” he added.

Shahid, which stars Rajkumar Yadav in the lead, tells the story of Shahid Azmi, who was the defending lawyer of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks co-accused Faheem Ansari. Shahid was shot dead in his office in 2010.

Khalid says almost 95 percent of the film is accurate, and some portions of it were also shot in Shahid’s office and his colony.

“I provided them with all the information. I also spent a lot of time with Rajkumar and told him how Shahid used to be. They shot a few portions in his office and his colony,” he said.

Directed by Hansal Mehta, Shahid released on October 18.