Has Justin Bieber finally moved on from Selena Gomez?

Thu, July 10, 2014 8:24am IST by

The Baby singer was seen posting snaps of himself cuddling a brunette model

He uploaded a picture on the photo-sharing website Shots.com, which shows him sitting in between Yovanna Ventura’s legs on a couch while she wraps her arms around him and places her hands under his shirt, reports a popular portal.

Bieber and his on and off ex-girlfriend Gomez released a similar image last year, which showed the Disney star snuggling into his back while the troubled pop singer worked at a computer.

In other pictures, Ventura, 18, is shown with her arms draped over Bieber’s shoulders and nestling into his neck.

The two was also spotted leaving Il Pastaio restaurant, here Tuesday, fuelling rumours of a new romance.Subscribe to me on YouTube