Has Justin Bieber forced Selena Gomez to go back into rehab?

Has Justin Bieber forced Selena Gomez to go back into rehab?

The singer is troubled about her relationship with Justin Bieber

Singer Selena Gomez’s family is reportedly urging her to check back into rehab soon because she is stressed out.

The “Come and get it” hitmaker, who secretly spent two weeks at the Dawn at the Meadows treatment facility in Arizona in January, is said to be dealing with a lot of stress and is being encouraged to seek help immediately, reports a portal.

“Family and friends are stressing to Selena that she should enter rehab this weekend,” a source said.

Gomez recently rekindled her on-off relationship with Justin Bieber.

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  • drs

    Selena went to rehab to learn to deal with stress because it’s the worse thing for Lupus. But the press lied and said it was for alcohol and drugs because that’s a better story. She does need to leave bieber and his drama behind. He’s a user and always will be. He’s a drama queen which is the last thing she needs. Lupus is no joke, it kills. Justin knows he’s hurting her and he enjoys the power of an abusive person. He gets that from his Dad. But that’s no excuse. He’ll never be humble.