How photoshop transformed pop star Boggie into a glam doll

Photoshop is definitely glam world’s big boon!

A music video on YouTube, which shows girl-next door Hungarian singer Boggie singing about the impossible beauty ideals perpetuated by modern media while getting photoshopped, has taken the internet world by storm. In the clip that has garnered more than half a million views since it’s release 24 hours ago, Boggie’s pale and tired looking face is transformed from make-up free and spotty to clear-skinned and stunning, the Daily Star reported. The 27-year-old pop star said that women open magazines and they have to face that on the pages everyone looks perfect, therefore they start to feel imperfect themselves. Boggie said that she wanted to make it clear that people shouldn’t try to compete with this perfectionism and manipulation which ruins their self-esteem. She added that people should accept themselves on their good days and bad days, which is a hard process but it pays out at the end. The airbrush process alters colour and shape of Boggie’s eyes, her skin tone, the whiteness of her teeth and even her face shape.