Hrithik Roshan: I am truly excited to work with Ashutosh Gowariker again

Sat, June 7, 2014 2:42pm IST by
Hrithik Roshan: I am truly excited to work with Ashutosh Gowariker again
Yogen Shah

After creating magic in Jodhaa Akbar, Ashutosh Gowariker and Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan are reuniting for yet another love story – Mohenjo Daro, set during the Indus Valley civilisation

The National Award winning filmmaker is excited to face the challenge.

“I’m extremely excited with the challenge of telling this love story, set during the Indus Valley civilisation. I just love love stories, especially those which are set in different times. And if those ‘times’ are several centuries ago, then the intensity of that romance grows multiple fold. In the case of Mohenjo Daro, the times are 2500 BC. And to have Hrithik Roshan play the protagonist in this ancient world I am creating, with his portrayal of romance, which is so passionate and pure, makes it all the more exciting. I’m absolutely glad that we are both coming together to tell this epic romance of Mohenjo Daro,” Gowariker said in a statement.

The pre-production of the film is on in full swing and it is slated to go on the floors in the last quarter of 2014. Hrithik, who played Akbar effortlessly in Jodhaa Akbar, too is excited about working in the new period romance. He said: “It’s very rare to come across a vision that challenges every aspect of the norm; that defies your ability of the physical and mental. A film that is truly about spirit and add to that an epic love story set in ancient India. The Indus Valley civilisation is very centric to India – popular across not just our country, but of interest and intrigue for the rest of the world. But more than anything I am truly excited to once again to be working with Ashutosh. I think the right words would be – “We’re BACK!”Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Cattypuss


    • Karan

      Hey, Lynette! I’m sure its going to be an instant classic like their previous film Jodhaa Akbar. Hrithik is too selective to choose an ordinary script and Ashutosh is a great director.

      But, the news which has got me super excited is, Hrithik’s potential Hollywood debut in a Rob Cohen film. It seems like many of Hrithik’s fans’ dream is finally coming true!! I hope he signs it and makes an official announcement soon. Your thoughts on it?

      • Cattypuss

        Cohen is a very good director. Not only Fast and Furious, but he did one of the Mummy movies as well. Here’s his bio: I think the mags said Hrithik would be paired with a Hollywood actor, and the movie will be shot in India.It will be made with Western audiences in mind.But as you know all this is conjecture on their part to date. If Hrithik’s part in the movie is equal to the HW actor/or actress (whichever) it will a great launchpad for him. This guy has been hidden for long enough.Time for him to become truly global so he can be appreciated by a worldwide audience. :) ) Like you I am soooo looking forward to Mohenjodaro…and Bang Bang too. But I have to wait until it comes out on DVD because there are no Hindi cinemas where I live.The nearest would be over 800k away.:( Cant even watch the IIFA either. Frustrated puppy. I’ll have to wait until they upload that onto Youtube. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

      • Cattypuss

        If you are on Twitter go to Hrithik’s account @iHrithik and see all the tweets. His account nearly exploded with joy!!

  • Karan

    Another instant classic a la Jodhaa Akbar. More importantly, a movie on a subject (Indus Valley Civilization) which hasn’t been made in India before. Hrithik Roshan, the most versatile actor in the country along with the best director when it comes to period films. It cannot get any better!! Waiting for this magnus opum!

  • milan227

    Fantastic news!!! Hopefully it will pair him with a good actress… there’s nothing worse than having a sizzling hot actor paired with a bland heroine… or vice versa.