Is Justin Bieber afraid to sleep alone?

Is Justin Bieber afraid to sleep alone?

Is Bieber paranoid?

Justin Bieber is reportedly worried about his safety and insists on having his guards inside the hotel room while he is sleeping. The 19-year-old singer has also ordered a 24-hour watch, as he is extremely afraid that his fans might break into his room.According to reports the Boyfriend hitmaker can’t be alone at night right now, as he is paranoid and hears noises all the time. He is paranoid about fans breaking into his room, and he hears noises all the time, the source said. The insider added that it freaks him out, and insists on having an ever-present guard in his room and the one outside, and that he also has two on standby to take over when his men need breaks. The source stated that Bieber wants an army of giants protecting him and that he is used to the guard watching him sleep and wants the peculiar arrangement to continue even after his tour gets over. The insider said that the popstar has begged his mother Pattie to accompany him on most of the concert dates, and was also asked to combine her book signing tour with his gigs because he gets very anxious.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Rob Barton

    Hmm he wants guys in his room while he is in bed.

  • Emily

    so what !when you have this many fans all over the world you tend to think that they are gonna break into your hotel room at any second. Trust us it’s not a good feeling to have. That’s why we have security expect the unexpected..Justin bieber honey where’s the lyrics for confident? oh yeah I forgot the fans took it! Were gonna have to write a new copy.