Is Miley Cyrus trying to educate children with her antics?

Well, that’s what Miley has said in her defense after she received a lot of flak for her adult act

Singer Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz tour, which recently started in Canada, has drawn complaints from parents who have taken offence at Cyrus miming an adult act with a man wearing a former US president Bill Clinton mask. She says she is an artist trying to educate children.

“I want this to be a pretty high-end tour. I want it to be like good art. And I am excited to go to places where people are usually not exposed to too much good art. It can be a good education for the kids who come to my concert,” a leading news website quoted Cyrus as saying. “I want to show people that music can not only be entertaining but educational as well,” added Cyrus, who made her name as a teenager in the Disney TV show Hannah Montana.

The 21-year-old, who will take her tour to Britain in May, said her critics had to appreciate she was no longer the child star she used to be.

“Look, I am not the little girl any more. I think everybody knows that by now. I want to be my own person, I want to change all the time to become a better artist, a better person. I work my a** off, and I like who I am,” she said.