Is Milind Deora accusing Rakhi Sawant and Kamaal R Khan of entering politics for publicity?

Union Minister of State for the Communications and IT feels some Bollywood celebrities enter politics only to get noticed

Milind Deora who has had solid backing from Salman Khan feels that all B-town celebs are not meant for politics, while he believes some stars have it in them the others are there just for publicity. Is Deora hinting at the controversial Rakhi Sawant and Kamaal R Khan here?Deora said in a recent interview, “Presence of Bollywood (in the politics) is nothing new… There are credible as well as frivolous people entering politics, be it from Bollywood or other fields. The agenda is to be noticed as it shows (in their profiles) that they have contested election.”

While  minister chose not to name the stars who have done good work in the politics or those who haven’t, our guess is that the Congressman was referring to the item gal and Deshdrohi actor turned Bollywood’s most dreaded critic.

Deora lauded Union Tourism Minister and Telugu superstar K Chiranjeevi for giving a boost to the lighthouse tourism along the country’s coast during his tenure at the Centre. “There are people (from Bollywood) who are doing good work… like Chiranjeevi did boost lighthouse (tourism) in the country. He thought of developing lighthouses as a tourist destination which was a good idea. He has been a good Tourism Minister. The development of lighthouses will not only help protect national heritage but also kindle interest among youth about the country’s rich maritime history and heritage,” he said.

Well, let’s wait and watch what will Rakhi and KRK‘s response to Deora’s comments be. Also lets see if these B-towners will create noise only for publicity or will they win the Lok Sabha elections 2014 and prove their critics wrong?