Is Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres’ new house haunted?

Apparently, Ellen hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since she shifted to her new abode!

Ellen DeGeneres, who will be hosting this year’s Oscars, and wife Portia Di Rossi are reportedly living in a haunted house that they recently purchased in LA’s Holmby Hills area. A source told National Enquirer magazine that the couple bought the house for around 40 million dollars and remodelled it, so that there would be no trace of the former owner, Frances Brody, who died in 2009, a leading daily reported.

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But within a few nights of moving in, DeGeneres started hearing random noises including footsteps and doors opening and closing, the insider asserted. Then when she heard a woman’s faint cry in the middle of the night, the comedian was totally freaked out and she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep ever since she moved in.

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