Is Pink Floyd going to have a reunion tour?

The English rock band Pink Floyd has made its fans curious by publishing a tweet saying “watch out for big announcement,” resulting in speculation of them having a reuinion tour soon

 The Comfortably Numb hitmakers have teased them by posting a countdown to a big announcement on a website Tuesday marking the 20th anniversary of their final record, The Division Bell. features a continuous clip of satellite images of the moon and urban landscapes to a soundtrack of Pink Floyd’s music.

The site has also teased the hashtag #TBD20, referencing the fact the band’s last record was released two decades ago in March, reports a popular website.

Members Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason, who haven’t performed together publicly since the Live 8 benefit show in 2005, briefly reunited during Waters’ The Wall tour stop at London’s O2 Arena, but they have previously hinted at the possibility of a reunion.