Is Rihanna all set to travel to space?

The Rude Boy singer has shelled out 500,000 pounds for three seats on spaceship. Read on to find out who will Rihanna take along with her on her unique trip

Rihanna will reportedly get herself tickets in Richard Branson’s much awaited Virgin Galactic spaceship, which will travel to space next year.The singer will splash a whopping 500,000 pounds for three seats. She plans to take her brother Rorrey and a bodyguard on the trip, reports

“Rihanna has already put down a deposit for the flight. She has been obsessed with space since she was a child so it would be a dream come true for her,” said a source.

She is also known to be obsessed with the idea of aliens existing. She will share the flight with other celebrities like Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton and Brad Pitt.