Is Sekhar Kammula in awe of Nayantara?

The Anaamika director is mighty impressed with her heroine, Nayantara

Southern filmmaker Sekhar Kammula, currently working with actress Nayantara on the southern remake of Vidya Balan’s Kahaani titled Anaamika, a bilingual, is in awe of her commitment and uncompromising attitude towards work.  “Initially, when she was roped in there was a little apprehension about her commitment in the industry, but she proved all that wrong with her uncompromising commitment,” Sekhar said in a statement.

“I still remember once when we were shooting, I had noticed she had well groomed nails that looked very cute. But I felt her character in the film wouldn’t have the time or mood to have such nails. I shared this with her and she instantly got them trimmed. I was astonished by her commitment,” he added.

Kammula says Nayantara is so uncompromising that she even said no to a body double for a stunt sequence.  “We were required to shoot a risky stunt sequence and we were thinking of hiring a body double. Nayantara intervened and said that she will do it on her own. She pulled off the stunt on her own and her hard work is evident in every frame,” he said.

While Anaamika is the Telugu version, the film is titled Nee Enge En Anbe in Tamil.  It is jointly produced by Endemol India and Logline Productions.