James Cameron sued over Titanic 3D!

Titanic in trouble!

A woman, who claims that director James Cameron and studio executives at 20th Century Fox/Paramount Pictures hijacked her idea to make the April 2012 release Titanic 3D, has reportedly sued them for 1 billion dollar. Faan Qin’s lawsuit contends that Cameron and his partners copied her idea R.M.S. Titanic – The Experience, reports tmz.com. Faan said the moviemakers hijacked her idea for a 3D ride that recreates the experience of the cruise that crashed into an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage in 1912.

Faan claims Cameron’s 3D movie has made more than 343 million dollars, but she wants three times that to teach the Hollywood titan a lesson, reports the website.

Cameron’s movie on the real life incident released in 1997. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, it was a major success.