Javed Akhtar: Narendra Modi’s rise is a challenge to democracy

In a series of tweets, the acclaimed writer-lyricist has condemned the growing public support for Narendra Modi

Javed Akhtar, Rajya Sabha MP took to Twitter to show his displeasure about Narendra Modi being promoted as the new hero of Indian politics. Akhtar described Modi as ‘undemocratic’ at a recent event in Patna, “Besides all talks of involvement in Gujarat riots of 2002 which are before the courts, this man (Modi) is not democratic. Amidst chants of registering hat-trick in Gujarat one thing is glossed over – that he has given a damn to democracy in the state… His rise is a challenge to democracy,” said the Padma Bhushan Winner.

Akhtar was at the receiving end when Modi supporters attacked him in October, calling him anti-national for opposing the Gujarat CM. To this, Akhtar tweeted: “Some idiots imply that opposing Modi is an anti national activity. Are they suggesting that we, the 90% Indians are anti nationals.”

Last month, Akhtar had retorted to those who were sending him indecent messages. On Twitter, Akhtar wrote: “The kind of crude, indecent and vulgar messages I get from Modi lovers establishes the low quality of his followers (sic).”