JK Rowling releases second Harry Potter story on the Quidditch World Cup

This time the series will also feature Ginny Weasley

When JK Rowling gave us a taste of what Harry Potter is upto after 7 years, the internet went crazy. On Tuesday, Rowling published a piece on fan website Pottermore, written from the perspective of Daily Prophet news hound Rita Skeeter. The gossip correspondent writes about Harry Potter and his friends meeting up once again, describing how the friends have aged, what’s been going on in their lives, and even hints at the future.

Today, Rowling once again gives Harry Potter fans what they want as she publishes her next write-up, this time taking on two avatars in the form of Ginny Weasley and Skeeter. The intense showdown between Brazil and Bulgaria was comprehensively covered as a live blog by the two ladies. As the first article Rowling wrote focused on Harry, Ron and Hermione, this one takes a closer look Percy, George and Charlie Weasley.

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