Juhi Chawla: Use mobile phones carefully!

The Bollywood actor highlights the harmful effects of radiation

Actor-turned-social activist Juhi Chawla has highlighted the harmful effects of radiation from the mobile phones and towers and urged people to use landline telephones. The actor, along with a citizens’ group, organised a press conference on Thursday to talk about the issue.

“Why don’t the mobile operator companies give us some information about how the mobile phone works and that one should use it carefully? I would say for long-duration calls, one should use either landline phones or connect earphones to your mobile and then use it for longer call duration,” said Juhi on Thursday.

“I think it’s just lack of awareness and information, and that is what I am trying to promote as we all carry a mobile phone in our pockets,” added the actor.

Juhi, a mother of two, also requested parents to keep their kids away from the mobile phones as they are more prone to its health hazards.

Earlier this month, Juhi and her fellow activist Prakash Munshi asked the state government to ensure that the rules for mobile phone towers curb the radiation hazard.

The actor will soon be seen in producer Anubhav Sinha’s Gulaab Gang along with Madhuri Dixit-Nene.