Justin Bieber and Iron Man 3 the most searched according to Bing!

Bieber has another feather in his cap

Justin Bieber is the most searched person on Bing, the singer left behind Kate Middleton and Beyonce. Beyonce came in second in the list followed by Duchess of Cambridge, while Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez came in fourth, and X Factor judge Nicole Sherzinger and Emma Watson were in the top 10 of the most searched people in the UK list.  The list also includes Premier League leaders Arsenal as Britain’s most searched for sports team and Lionel Messi as the most popular sportsman.  Prince George’s birth was named as the most popular news story of the year, and soap operas Coronation Street and East Enders were named the top two most searched for television programmes in the UK.  The list by the search engine also named Iron Man 3 as the most searched film of 2013, while One Direction was the most popular musical artist.

Top 10 most searched celebrities in the UK on Microsoft Bing:

1. Justin Bieber

2. Beyonce 

3. Kate Middleton

4. Selena Gomez

5. Nicole Scherzinger

6. Rihanna

7. Kim Kardashian

8. Taylor Swift

9. Emma Watson

10. Kelly Brook