Justin Bieber in trouble again?

Looks like there is no end to Justin’s problems

Pop singer Justin Bieber’s neighbours made three complaints against him for playing loud music at his residence. The 19-year-old was apparently having a party at his property on Friday night with about 100 people including rapper Snoop Lion.

According to tmz.com, the noise got out of control and neighbours called police at 1 a.m. The LA County Sheriff’s deputies then paid Bieber a call and told him to keep the noise down. Then the neighbours called the authorities again at 3 a.m. after the noise didn’t abate.

A neighbour alleged that law enforcement sources said that they smelled marijuana inside but left without making arrests. It was around 5.30 a.m. that the same neighbour called police for a third time and filed a report against Bieber for disturbing the peace.

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